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September 12, 2007
15th Anniversary Open House

As announced in the spring newsletter, the Department of Computer Science is hosting an open house to celebrate its 15th anniversary as a department and to honor the founders of UNI Computer Science. This year is also the 1st anniversary of our move into the Innovative Teaching and Technology Center -- the recently-renovated East Gym, now known as the ITTC. To top off the alignment of dates, last year was the 25th anniversary of UNI offering degrees in computer science.

We would be honored if you would attend and help us celebrate!

The open house will be held from 2:00 to 5:00 PM on the afternoon of September 21. We are inviting alumni, emeritus faculty, our new advisory board, local legislators, and many other friends of the department.

We will begin to gather at 2:00 PM in the lounge area of the ITTC. At 2:15 PM, we will have a short program of 30 minutes. UNI President Ben Allen will welcome our guests, followed by former head David Duncan, emeritus CS professor Carl Wehner, and former head (and current CNS dean) Joel Haack, and perhaps others, speaking on the past, present, and future of computer science at UNI.

Afterwards, visitors will be free to mingle and tour the department. Students and faculty will demonstrate some projects and show posters of others, several of which have earned recognition in national competitions such as the NASA Means Business 2007 program and the Advancing Scientific Discovery Student Team Competition at the national TeraGrid 2007 conference.

If you are able to attend, please join us! As always, we are eager to hear from you.


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