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December 17, 2013
CS Prof and Students Participate in the Hour of Code

The Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier ran a story yesterday on Prof. Ben Schafer's class visiting the Cedar Falls schools every last week for CS Education Week and the Hour of Code -- front page, above the fold!.

Cedar Falls eighth graders tell digital, animated stories

Prof. Schafer took thirty-six students from his Programming Environments for Elementary Education class to both junior high schools in Cedar Falls. They introduced eighth-graders to Scratch. By the end of the week, students were "plugging code into a digital Harry Potter story narrative".

As the article says, this project benefited UNI students, too. The math teaching majors in the course "learned how to apply concepts of computer science ... into core subjects like language arts".

Thanks to Profs. Schafer and East for working with these eighth graders. It's good for the students and the schools, and a great way for UNI and the CS department to engage the community.


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