Programs in Computer Science
and Computer Information Systems

The department offers two traditional degrees in computing that serve as the foundation for most CS students. Each of these majors aims at a particular group of students.

Students interested in the combination of computer science and business are encouraged to pursue the B.A. major in Computer Science and minor in business, such as General Business Concepts or Business Communication.

These programs share, along with the major in Networking and System Administration, a common core of courses that introduce students to computer programming, data structures, discrete mathematics, and computer organization. As a result, students can switch among these majors during their first year of study without losing ground in departmental courses.


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Paul Gray

With distributed computing, the devil is in the details. That's because a programmer is dealing with all sorts of different hardware and networks. Meshing all of these elements presents a significant challenge that Paul Gray, associate professor of computer science, is leading the charge to solve... [more]

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