Bootable Cluster Project
The BCCD is a bootable CD image that boots up into a pre-configured distributed computing environment. It was built and motivated by the BBC project at LinuxCare, which has subsequently spawned off into the lnx-bbc project.

IDF Sequence Searcher
This software enables the construction of fast, indexed, sequence retrieval programs in large genomic databases where query processing time is determined mainly by the size of the query and number of sequences retrieved rather than the size of the database.

MARBL GenBank Searcher
MARBL is an extensible, open-source (GPL) data repository and retrieval system that supports fast, efficient, keyword based retrieval of genomic sequences from multiple libraries. It can quickly index data sets of up to 256 terabytes using a B-tree based multi-dimensional data model.

Mumps/MDH Project
Mumps is a general purpose programming language that supports a native hierarchical data base facility. It is supported by a large user community, mainly biomedical, and a diversified installed application software base.

Real-time Systems Lab
Real-time systems monitor, respond to, or control an external environment. This environment is connected to the computer system through sensors, actuators, and other input-output interfaces.

CNS Opteron Cluster
The cluster currently consists of 18 dual processor nodes, with 72GB of RAM, 4.5TB of IDE hard disk space, and dual integrated GigE network ports. The network substrate is supported by a managed 24-port GigE switch that support jumbo frames and trunking on each port.

Software Testing Laboratory
Software testing is critical to software quality, but it is expensive. It consumes 50% of the total cost of software development. In life-critical software development, testing cost are 66% of the total budget. Faculty and students in the Software Testing Laboratory are exploring ways to make testing both more effective and less expensive.

Grow Project
UNI is a member of the Open Science Grid, a US grid computing infrastructure that supports scientific computing through an open collaboration of science researchers, software developers and computing, storage, and network providers. Other participants include Fermilab, NERSC, the University of California - Berkley, Indiana University, and the University of Iowa.


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Mark Fienup

As a discipline, computer science is relatively young and characterized by rapid technological advances. This dynamism is reflected in the interests of Mark Fienup, associate professor of computer science: Parallel computing, routing and computer networks, and computer science education are all greatly affected by the changing nature of computer science.... [more]

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