CS 1150 Programming Environments for Elementary Education

J. Philip East (Spring 2017)

What's New?

April 13   We are working on robotics activity, either the Dash robot or the Lego EV3 robot. You will be expected to recreate some of the suggested activities on the final exam. We have started on one robot and will swap off next Tuesday.

April 11   I have updated and posted an anonymized version of the grade book. Note that the score for Exam II is reported but not included in the exam score total—there were errors on the exam that made it unusable (in my opinion).

Activity History

04/13 Dash robot or Lego EV3 robot activity. Due 04/25

04/13 Dash robot or Lego EV3 robot activity. Due 04/18

03/28 Modularization. Due 04/04

03/07 Repetition. Due 03/21

03/02 Selection. Due 03/07

02/28 Boolean data. Due 03/02

02/14 Data ↦ Actions Practice. Due 02/21 (by end of class)

02/02 Snap! list program. Due 02/07 (2:00 pm).

01/26 Snap! game program. Due 01/31 (2:00 pm).

01/23 Snap! initials drawing. Due 01/26 (2:00 pm)(if possible).

01/19 PARR I. Due ≈ 02/07 02/16 (2:00 pm).

01/18 Snap! simple story. Due 01/24 (2:00 pm).

01/07 code.org. Due 01/17 (2:00 pm).

01/07 Project Assignment. Due 04/30.

General Information

PARR Guidelines

Snap Coding Suggestions


Course Text

At the moment, I do not plan to formally adopt a text. I will ask you to read a couple manuals/tutorials on NetLogo.

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