CS 1150 Programming Environments for Elementary Education

J. Philip East (Spring 2017)

What's New?

March 7   I have finalized the next learning activity, Fundamentals: Repetition. (I still have one little piece to add to it.) The plan will be to review selection today and then introduce and work on repetition. Then you should be able to work on it during Thursday's class (I will be absent, but you can still work on it.)

March 7   I have posted an anonymized version of the grade book. Remember the grading scale is a 14 point scale.

Activity History

03/07 Repetition. Due 03/21

03/02 Selection. Due 03/07

02/28 Boolean data. Due 03/02

02/14 Data ↦ Actions Practice. Due 02/21 (by end of class)

02/02 Snap! list program. Due 02/07 (2:00 pm).

01/26 Snap! game program. Due 01/31 (2:00 pm).

01/23 Snap! initials drawing. Due 01/26 (2:00 pm)(if possible).

01/19 PARR I. Due ≈ 02/07 02/16 (2:00 pm).

01/18 Snap! simple story. Due 01/24 (2:00 pm).

01/07 code.org. Due 01/17 (2:00 pm).

01/07 Project Assignment. Due 04/30.

General Information

PARR Guidelines

Snap Coding Suggestions


Course Text

At the moment, I do not plan to formally adopt a text. I will ask you to read a couple manuals/tutorials on NetLogo.

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