CS 1150 Programming Environments for Elementary Education

J. Philip East (Spring 2018)

What's New?

January 17   Well, I finally got all my hints included in the next learning activity (polygons and spiralling). Please examine it and bring comments and questions to class. Feel free to go ahead and start on it. I'll get the PAC assignment done before too long.

Activity History

01/17 Polygons & Spiralling. Due 01/23 (2:00 pm) PAC-2 (not yet available). Due 01/24 (5:00 pm).

01/05 code.org. Due 01/16 (5:00 pm) PAC-1. Due 01/17 (5:00 pm).

General Information

PACs Expectations and Information


Course Text

At the moment, I do not plan to formally adopt a text. I will occasionally ask you to read manuals/tutorials on various programming environments.

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