Flash Buttons StudioIT 2 class - November 21, 2008

  1. There are 22 invisible buttons as part of the above Flash movie. The screen snapshot just below here shows you where they are at. They are shown in the color tourqoise when you are working in the Flash authoring environment.

  2. Hold your mouse over an invisible button. The OVER state of the invisible button runs an animated, twirling, Motion Tweened symbol. The name of that Library Flash symbol is twirlingGreeting.

  3. twirlingGreetingBuildingBlock is stored in three different KEYFRAMES (KFs) of twirlingGreeting.

  4. As you might guess, the twirlingGreeting Symbol has 2 Motion Tweens that connect the 3 KeyFrames.

  5. Remember, you cannot ANIMATE a shape. That is why the twirlingGreetingSymbol had to have a BUILDING BLOCK that was also a symbol in the library.

  1. Click to download the FLASH .fla Authoring file. You can look at the Symbols and at the Timeline and all the elements on the stage and learn quite a bit.

  2. More about this later on ... after Thanksgiving break. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the vacation from academics!