Program due on Wednesday, July 12th, 2006


Converting from base ten to any base from base two binary up to base twenty.



1.                  You have a handout from Friday, July 07, 2006 that covers all of this code except for the Show All Bases button.


2.                  There will be lots of discussion and with many examples and a plethora of hints for how to solve the problem. 


3.                  Be stuck on the problem BEFORE Monday’s and Tuesday’s classes.  Do not wait until after the hints to get started.


4.                  Here is the code for one of the functions that would be needed to find digits like “A” for 10 and “F” for 15 and “J” for 19.  If you were working in base 36, you would need 36 different digits.  The digit for the value 35 would be “Z”. 


   Function toAnyDigit(ByVal value As Integer) As String

        If value < 10 Then

            toAnyDigit = value.ToString


            toAnyDigit = Chr(65 + (value - 10))

        End If

    End Function


n = 15

str = “ is this digit in any base bigger than “

MsgBox( n & str & n + 1 & “  “ & toAnyDigit(15) ) would output the following: