CS 1025 01 - Week #15 (Dec 09, 11, 13)

Monday, December 9th

  1. Ventana Vensim population model.

  2. Folder with lots of LOGO examples: See Normal Distributions examples. 68, 95, 99.7 Empirical Rule.

  3. Relation on handspan to height: Handspan is x, Height is y. Use the Data Flyer to discover the equation.

    Handspans SPSS output. Linear Regression for the best fitting line.

  4. Data Flyer

Wednesday, December 11th

  1. Final Exam week - project and final exam session activity...

  2. What is due at 8:05 a.m. at the final exam session? Bees, Ghostbusters, Coaching the Artist: One sheet of paper, filled up on one side, with two related sets of ideas/notes/questions for group discussion.

Friday, December 13th

Test 1 and Test 2 results.