Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration
810:022 Fall 2009

Final Exam review/study guide - now 100 % ready and DONE (6:55 p.m. Sunday).
Previous update: 10:14 a.m. Sunday morning.

  1. Student's Fireworks projects, both drop-down popup menus and disjoint rollovers. CHECK THEM OUT!

    • Be sure you see your project URL has been received by looking at the above FIREWORKS PROJECTS page.

    • Also, be sure to check out the page with links to Flash Video and Flash Intros projects. Is your name there twice?

  2. FW: Disjoint Rollovers is the basis for Fireworks assignment 2. Fireworks project two is now assigned.

    Because of the BLIZZARD DAY last Wednesday, you can have until FRIDAY at 9 a.m. of Finals Week to get your last FIREWORKS assignment done.

    You do NOT have to use Fireworks buttons, but can have a simple rollover combined with a disjoint rollover behavior for each of your slices that cause rollover behavior. Fireworks buttons will be taught on Monday, December 7th, in case you do want to use buttons anyway.

    Look at the separate gif SLICES that Fireworks made when the application was converted to HTML with Edit menu > COPY HTML command. There are 24 GIF files!!!

    DisjointRO_r10_c4.gif     DisjointRO_r2_c2_f2.gif  DisjointRO_r4_c2.gif
    DisjointRO_r11_c4.gif     DisjointRO_r2_c3.gif     DisjointRO_r5_c2.gif
    DisjointRO_r11_c5.gif     DisjointRO_r2_c4.gif     DisjointRO_r6_c2.gif
    DisjointRO_r11_c5_f6.gif  DisjointRO_r2_c4_f2.gif  DisjointRO_r7_c2.gif
    DisjointRO_r11_c6.gif     DisjointRO_r2_c4_f3.gif  DisjointRO_r8_c2.gif
    DisjointRO_r12_c5.gif     DisjointRO_r2_c4_f4.gif  DisjointRO_r9_c2.gif
    DisjointRO_r1_c1.gif      DisjointRO_r2_c4_f5.gif  
    DisjointRO_r2_c1.gif      DisjointRO_r2_c7.gif
    DisjointRO_r2_c2.gif      DisjointRO_r3_c2.gif
  3. Flash rectangle racers to your marks. Ready, Set, Go! Animating using a Timer in Flash. 1000 milliseconds = 1 second. Wednesday 12/02 class.

  4. Dreamweaver and Imagemaps (Hotspots, not to be confused with hot pockets).

    Online HELP.ADOBE.COM for Image Maps - what are they? and also for Inserting Client-Side image map hotspots for CS4 Dreamweaver.

      1. In the Document window, select the image.
      2. In the Property inspector, click the expander arrow in the 
         lower-right corner to see all properties.
                                                  "EXPANDER ARROW"
                                                        can be hard to find!
      3. In the Map Name box, enter a unique name for the image map. If you 
         are using multiple image maps in the same document, make sure each 
         map has a unique name.
                                 I did not give the Image Map a name, just
                                 let DW name it, since it was going to
                                 probably be the only Image Map for 
                                 the entire .HTML page.
      4. ...

    Hot Spots, Godzilla's Mom, Image Maps, Wednesday instead of Friday StudioIT 3 lab class.

  5. Fireworks Buttons tutorial: Fireworks CS3 is very similar to CS4 on this.

  6. NO EXAM TWO on Wednesday, November 18th. Email note you have probably already read includes notes about the final Fireworks project and final exam practice questions assignment, etc.

  7. Project #3 - Fireworks assignment one - Fireworks Dropdown menus for a JPG or GIF file or graphics creation of your choice along with some text following a path.

    1. Friday, October 16th, 2009: Fireworks and Drop Down Menus tutorial. Homecoming Eve at UNI. Review of StudioIT computer lab hands-on class.

      We got through the entire process of creating a drop-down menu using Fireworks and then moving the menu over to Dreamweaver. The only thing we did NOT do on homecoming eve was the attaching Text to a Path.

      Happy Homecoming Eve and have a great UNI Panther homecoming weekend!

    2. Some of the Fireworks assignments from Fall of 2008 810:022 class. STUDY THESE EXAMPLES.

    3. How do attach text to a path: Creative Suite 4 (CS4) links to videos and PDF online help, etc. Also, how to do popup menus.

      Pages 97-99 for "Attaching text to a path".
      Pages 179-183 for "Pop-up menus"

    4. Email note about the Fireworks assignment, due date, etc.

    5. Monday, November 2nd: Uploading your Fireworks project to sunny.uni.edu using DREAMWEAVER and Defining your Site. It does not matter whether your Dreamweaver HTML is hosting Fireworks or Flash created content. The process is the same!

  8. What we did on Friday, October 23rd in StudioIT 3 class: Fireworks Magic Wand, Fireworks Eraser tool, creating a transparent background (Transparent GIF), using Dreamweaver to resize the portrayal of images. All from Chapter 4 of the textbook.

    Chapter 4: Fireworks files - Polar Bear on Friday 10/23 for lab.

  9. TEST ONE - WEDNESDAY, October 14th.

    "DONE NOW" - VIP: Test One outline of topics and study guide - DONE now! It was last updated Tuesday at about 8:36 p.m. - DONE...

  10. Chapter 07: Building Flash Intros was previewed during the Wednesday, September 21st class.

    DUE DATE: Tuesday, October 13th by 11 p.m. - CHAPTER 07 is a prerequisite for doing the images portion. At least four images of your choice will be the main part of the Flashy Flash intro.

    SEE PROJECT TWO: 10 students are done: Flash intros - Chapter 07 projects. Last update - Tuesday, 10:05 p.m.

  11. Uploading your work to sunny.uni.edu using Dreamweaver or using SSH Secure Shell or using Cyberduck software. The SCC labs have FileZilla software. You can ask the lab monitor for help if you want to try to use that. SSH Secure Shell is much easier to use and more reliable and is available in Lang 213 and in all the College of Natural Sciences lab such at Wright Hall 110, 112, and 339.

  12. DW: Uploading your work to sunny through DREAMWEAVER is also possible. You may still need to use sunny.uni.edu directly if you want the files to be stored in a separate folder, i.e. you may still need to do the mkdir whatFolderIamCreating (mkdir = mAkEdirRECTORY - MaKeDIRectory).

  13. Fall 2009 Flash video captioning projects: Your assignment will be posted from this web page after I receive the URL link from you by email to jacobson@cs.uni.edu address. Enjoy your classmate's videos!

  14. See examples of ASSIGNMENT ONE - Flash captioned video - from Fall of 2008 810:022 class.

  15. Your first assignment from the Lowery textbook: Flash Video with the FLVPlayback and the FLVPlaybackCaptioning components. This assignment is based upon chapter 08 of the Lowery textbook.
    This link is NOT YET updated for Flash CS 4, but that should not require that you wait as we have seen this and done this stuff in class and in lab, and you have the Adobe CS4 Web Workflows 2nd edition textbook.

    Due date: Friday, September 25th by 6 p.m.

  16. Chapter 08 files - Lowery book practice. USE THE captions.xml FILE from the textbook for your CAPTIONS file. It is easier than creating one from scratch!

  17. September 16th, 18th and September 23rd classes will give some more background on the CAPTIONING requirement and skills for the assignment. READ CHAPTER 08 and STUDY THE ABOVE WEB PAGES. Use captions.xml file for your captions. Do NOT try to create a captions.XML file from scratch!!!

  18. Review of Wednesday, September 16th class: Santana Treat video and video captioning with the FLVPlaybackCaptioning component. Edit the captions.xml file with Dreamweaver, or with any text editor such as pico on sunny or Notepad on Windows. Dreamweaver is nicest, so we will use that in StudioIT lab on Friday.

Friday 09/11/09 email note (Friday late afternoon/early evening). Chapter 08 - Flash video lab and the strange mystery of homework #2 (there is NO homework #2 assignment).

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 - aka 09/09/09 class: Excel VBA macros group exercise. I will NOT review the Dreamweaver portion of class here.

Friday September 4th: http://www.cs.uni.edu/~jacobson/22/022class06Sep4th2009.html - Excel Birthday VBA macro and Dreamweaver HW question helpful links.

Due date: WEDNESDAY, September 16th.

Homework One - Two questions - Excel VBA macro output and Adobe Dreamweaver basics for imaginary job interview where you are one of 25 candidates for the position.

Due date: WEDNESDAY, September 16th. Note: Due to the difficulty most students had with VBA macro code group exercise, we need more time to finish up learning enough about those concepts. Thus the 2nd NEW DUE date! Who knew? :-)

Fall 2009: Class overview, Textbook, Fall 2008 Project links, last ten years 810:022 web pages.

Textbook Companion Web site: www.wiley.com/go/adobecs4webworkflows - has available for downloading the exercise files for each chapter of our textbook.

The Temptations My Girl Flash video application demonstrated during class #2. Clipnabber, Flash, FLVPlayback component, sunny.uni.edu computer, publishing a Flash video project, uploading the four files to sunny.uni.edu, Chapter 08: Setting Up Flash Video will be covered later in class. This was just a preview of Adobe Flash to expose you to some skills and ideas ahead of time. You do NOT have to understand it yet!

http://www.uni.edu/jacobson/T/Temptations.html also has a link to the Jewel music video "HANDS", which was done before class to rehearse and review Flash CS 4, since its quite different from Flash CS 3. Flash CS 4 is what is available everywhere at UNI now.

Dreamweaver and Imagemaps (Hotspots, not to be confused with hot pockets).

Excel VBA Birthday macro - 23 Birthdays and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) - Excel 2007 macros. There is a hotspot MAP (Dreamweaver) on one of the graphics.

ITT 138 (StudioIT 3) on Friday for class!

Syllabus for Fall 2009 810:022 Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration class. Wednesday, October 7th and Wednesday, November 11th midterm exams.