Flash homework exercise due on Friday January 16th. Prelab exercises.

Chris Georgenes video Creating Animations Using Shape Tweens

Watch only the first 3 minutes of the Chris Georgenes video Creating Animations Using Shape Tweens. The length of the video is 05:36 (5 minutes 36 seconds).
1.  What does Chris shape tween in the video?  He shape tweens a ______________ into a ________________.
2.  What does Chris create at frame #30 of the timeline?  What key does he use to do that?
    Note: What key means a keyboard shortcut is being used.
3.  What color or tint do the frames in the layer with a shape tween change to?
    What else do you see or should you look for and notice besides the new color 
    to make sure that your shape tween is okay?
4.  Name two different things Chris demonstrates that we can shape tween besides the actual morphing
    change of shape?

Creating and using symbols and instances video tutorial by Jen deHaan

1.  Where is any symbol that you create using Flash automatically placed?   00:21
2.  What is the first type of symbol that Jen demonstrates?                 00:40
    Note: She will eventually demonstrate 3 types of Flash SYMBOLS.
3.  What is one of the main reasons that this type of symbol is 
    so frequently used in Flash by Flash authors?                           00:45
4.  What is the 2nd type of SYMBOL that Jen discusses?                      01:07
5.  Another type of symbol is _____________________.  What is this
    third type of symbol called or named?                                   02:12
6.  What keyboard keystroke does Jen use to copy the artwork 
    from one frame to another frame at 02:55 in the video?                  02:55
7.  "What if you wanted to create a symbol 
     based on some artwork that is on the stage?"

     What is the name of the menu and the name of the command 
                                      that is used to do this?              04:22
8.  "Now say you wanted to modify this symbol after I've created it."

     What is the first way she shows to do this?  What is it called?        05:05
9.  "Another way you can edit your symbol is just simply __________ ?       05:34