Paper is a Puppet - RockPaperScissors Snorg Tees - 810:088 12 Oct 10th, 2010

Wednesday 10/20/2010 Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics
Note: Due to Dreamweaver CS 5 issue, the Flash video application is at the end of this page.

Friday March 25th, Monday March 28th, Wednesday March 30th 2011

  1. Photoshop basics review of what was covered and used in class most semesters (for After Effects).

  2. Review of everything we did with Photoshop during Monday March 28th class. Covers every detail. Magic Wand, Eyedropper, creating new layers, Lasso tool, Hand tool, Zoom tool, Ctrl++ and Ctrl+-, Paste Special > Paste in Place, Alt + Backspace painting selection, etc.

    Using Photoshop to Extract an Image video tutorial by Richard Harrington.

    VIP: Corrections and further details and explanations for video tutorial.

    Rock Paper Scissors GIF to use with Photoshop and then with After Effects.

    Landscape of a desert.

  3. The original Snorg Tee shirt image that was separated into layers after the Paper was extracted to a separate layer. RockPaperScissors.gif from SnorgTees
  4. Photoshopt and After Effects Snorg Tees tour de force by Josh from Spring 2010 VE, A, and MG class.
  5. How to use the Puppet Pin tool to animate the Paper's arms and pistols. This will be covered in class and in a future Camtasia tutorial. Here is a tutorial by Richard Harrington that shows the entire process of going from using Photoshop on a photo of bird sitting on a branch to animating the bird using After Effects and the Puppet Pin Tool.13 minute 46 second video tutorial.
  6. Particle Playground was used to simulate the bullets that paper was shooting. Effect menu > Simulation > Particle Playground command.. Recall that particle playground was used earlier to simulate smoke coming out of a chimney.
  7. Expression example: Animate scale at each layer marker was used to make the Paper shake. Two layer markers were inserted and the following expression was added to the SCALE property for the Paper layer. See the tutorial - Jack of All Trades - Master of Expressions: Create a Jumpy and Squishy Animation Using the Power of Expressions by Eran Stern.

    Photoshop Jack.psd file to import as footage and as a composition. If you want to match the tutorial, be sure to set the Anchor Point of each gift to be the bottom of each of the GIFT layers. Choose composition with cropped layers when you import.

  8.   n = 0; 
      t = 0; 
      if (marker.numKeys > 0)
          n = marker.nearestKey(time).index; 
          if (marker.key(n).time > time) n--; 
      if (n > 0) t = time - marker.key(n).time; 
      amp = 15; 
      freq = 5; 
      decay = 3.0; 
      angle = freq * 2 * Math.PI * t; 
      scaleFact = (100 + amp * Math.sin(angle) / Math.exp(decay * t)) / 100; 
      [value[0] * scaleFact, value[1] / scaleFact];          

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