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VE, A, and MG - 1st 5 weeks. Monday, August 23rd till Friday, September 24th - Fall 2010

SECOND FIVE WEEKS - October/November - FALL 2010 - FALL - FALL - FALL - FALL 2010

Weeks 6 thru 12 - October/November - Second Five Weeks - Fall 2010

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Week 6 09/27   09/29   10/01  
VIP: SNORG TEE SHIRTs ASSIGNMENT handed out on Monday, September 27th and due on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010.

VIP: Send the URL for your completed assignment to when you are DONE. Sign your first name to the email note, please!

Review for CREATING A FLV Flash Video application from your AE rendered to FLV. Preview for UPLOADING to FLVPlayback component too.




Week 7 10/04   10/06   10/08  



Fall 2010 810:088 student's assignment one pages (cross dissolving sequences with text effects)..
Week 8 10/11   10/13   10/15  


Creating a flock of birds - part 1.

  Creating a flock of birds - part 2.  
Week 9 10/18   10/20   10/22  

Tour de force of AE special EFFECTS: River, Buildings, Masks, Building Shadows, Sun and Sky. This should also be reviewed for the Wednesday 10/20 quiz.



Creating a flock of birds tutorial 1

Creating a flock of birds tutorial 2

Sunset on the river: Fx and Masks by Creative Cow
AE Puppet Pin tool and Photoshop.

AE Puppet Pin and Photoshop.

More Photoshop and Puppet practice: Snorg Sugar exercise.

Week 10 10/25   10/27   10/29  

Soup or Sundae links on creating, publishing and uploading the Flash application version of your AE projects.
More on publishing AE on your web site as Flash video.
Snorg Tee Shirt Story - FLV to sunny, COMPS as layers, using Flash to publish your rendered AE projects.


AE Expressions, Write-On and Beam. Using the Pick Whip...

Pages 29-36 of Chapter One were covered during class.

Creating a Flash video from an After Effect Comp: Video Lesson is also a review of Friday soup or sundae eve eve class.


Week 11 11/01   11/03   11/05  

Using Photoshop to Extract an Image. Creating a 3D Desert Landscape animation by animating the Z axis for DEPTH - RGB = XYZ

PINEAPPLE and Write-On BEAM assignment due on 11/10.

VIP Note on TWO separate Assignments: Write-on, Beam, Pick Whip assignment. Anything with the WRITE ON and BEAM is okay. Send email to with result.

More on Write-On BEAM and FLV, SWF, HTML, sunny review.


  1. AE Expressions, Write-On and Beam. Using the Pick Whip...

  2. Previous Quiz wings, wiggle, be specific, APSRO Transform properties - (What is the A? Is A a shortcut for two words or one word?)

Creating a Flash video from an After Effect Comp: Video Lesson is also a review of Friday soup or sundae eve eve class.


Week 12 11/08   11/10   11/12  


PINEAPPLE assignment due TODAY.

QUIZ today! Quiz will be over the PINEAPPLE project. Watch and study the two video tutorials. A few questions on Shape Layers and on Masking too, from Monday class handout and in-class lecture.

CC Snow and CC Rain and Flash buttons.

Snow and Rain and Actionscript code.

Storyboard assignment should be turned in by Friday, November 19th. Your storyboard is a tentative PLAN for what you want to do for your final project.

What is a storyboard and what is your storyboard assignment?

Sequence of drawing with descriptions and/or a story-based description. Watch a 9:20 (9 minute 20 second) long video about Storyboards.

Watch an animation and then read the storyboard about a talented ball that has to squeeze through a narrow pipe.

My storyboard example for a Rock, Paper, Scissors drama: NOT READY YET...


Week 13 11/15   11/17   11/19  

VERTIGO - Flash plus After Effects....



Storyboard assignment due.


Week 14 11/29   12/01   12/03  
Snow, Rain, and lots of weather with invisible button.

Snow with an invisible button.

Today's file - from Monday.


Week 15 12/06   12/08   12/10

Final Exam Study Guide


See your own and your classmates FINAL PROJECTs here.

VIP: Final Exam Study Guide and resources, including old quizzes.

Tuesday December 14th, 2nd day of finals week. 10-11:50 a.m. Lang 213.

Check and USE this web page very OFTEN.
Review the old material. Study the new material.
Read! Watch the videos! Take notes! Draw diagrams!

This is the Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics "textbook"!
Get your money$ worth out of thi$ web site!
No required textbook thi$ fall.

Chapter three is FREE.
 Chapter 03: Basic Animation 

 - from Trish and Chris Meyer's book -
           Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, 5th Edition             
                     Essential and Advanced Techniques

 - One chapter and 28 pages of the book as a PDF...

See your own and your classmates FINAL PROJECTs here.