Microcomputer Systems 810 (Fall 1998)

  1. Study guide for the final.
  2. Study questions for the final exam.
  3. Links to 023 students micro.html pages.
  4. Your web page assignment entry page is here. This entry page was updated at 2:15 p.m. on April 20th. Your entry page DOES NOT have to look exactly like mine, but whatever your micro.html page looks like, it must have the 4 links to other .html, .txt and .gif files!
  5. How to do web pages. See my 021 class web page for links. See also how to do web pages link, for very specific Wright Hall, UNI library, etc. hints.
  6. Interpolated resolution versus actual resolution on scanners. How a scanner works.
  7. Due by Tuesday, April 13th. One two page document. Your two page document will have at least 2 screen snapshots. One of the graphics must be cropped (at least one of the two or more). The content of your two page paper should be related to the course. Ideally, you are producing a piece of documentation related to the course. The page should have a border around it. The page should include at least one textbox, with a arrow line pointing out something about the material you are discussing. This web page will be updated several times before next Tuesday, so check it often!
  8. Integrated Circuits How integrated circuits are made; World Impact; Inventor Jack Kilby
  9. Interactive History of the Microprocessor
  10. Here is a link to the location for starting your personal bookshelf from Macmillan press.
  11. Here is a link to the Macmillan Operating Systems books, from which you should look at the Peter Norton's Complete Guide To Windows NT Workstation book.
  12. There is an online quiz available. It must be taken in the Wright Hall lab. If you did not receive your user id and password to the TESTING software account, send email to jacobson on either chaos or on cobra/viper/iceman or just get it during Thursday's class.
  13. Here is the web page that Microsoft Word 97 program was used to create in the snowstorm Tuesday March 8th class demonstration.

  1. Here are two email notes about quiz #1, which will be held on Tuesday, February 16th.
  2. Here is a review of IP numbers, binary and subnet masks.
  3. More binary mysteries revealed. Why 254, 252, 248, 240, 224, 192 are so common as subnet mask numbers?
  4. Plug and Play concepts (from our textbook).

hands-on lab for Monday, April 27th is due before class-time on Friday, May 1st.
The 2nd part of the assignment will be due by Monday, May 4th anytime before midnight.

The hands-on lab for Monday, April 20th is due by Friday, April 24th.

Windows 95 reference - do not print this in Wright 112

Networking terms and concepts - This LAN is your LAN
IA-64 and how branch predication works

For information on batch files and creating them from the Windows NT command prompt.

Here is a nice source of Windows NT information to supplement our textbook.
Oh, the IA-64 link is fixed now too!

The material we have been covering on L1 and L2 cache memory can be reviewed and reinforced by looking at the following:

  1. Ghostbuster's movie as a metaphor for Windows NT and microcomputer systems (in progress).
  2. Waggle dancing bees, searching for solutions, AI, proving and programming and Ghostbusting. Venkmanization and Biction

Here are some pages from the class that are useful to read over in doing your review for the final exam.
  1. Review networking; cache and fetch/execute cycle; OLE chapter from the textbook; POST and boot-up process
  2. Networking study supplement and very nice review of terminology (important concepts).
  3. More info on TCP/IP commands and the command prompt
  4. FAT FACTS and Network definitions
  5. Networking link and NT4 textbook page done
  6. Boot sequence; image of Token Ring network with hub; IP address review.
  7. TCP/IP four layers; the boot process (10 questions).
  8. Terms to know; Application Integration and the Registry from text; Also, branch predication, L1 versus L2 cache, certification review site.
  9. TCP/IP Cram Session From ARP to IP routing to binary basics to subnetting to Class A, B and C networks.
  10. More links to be added here soon.
  11. You may have 2 cheat sheets for the final exam, hand-written only, covered front and back, no photocopying of sheets. Biction.