Flash examples from SUMMER 2007 students

  1. Dustin's Bouncing Ball assignment. Fast with Spin, Fast with Ease, Counting Laps, etc.

  2. Stop, Go, Front Spin and Back Spin Car Assignment/Take Home quiz project. Dustin.

  3. Dustin's slideshow of the Blake Durwood Project band.

  4. Dustin's Drag and Drop assignment involves some cool cats wearing shades.

  5. Arleigh's car assignment.

  6. Bouncing Ball with counter assignment. Arleigh.

  7. Arleigh's Football, Baseball, Tennis and Bowling drag and drop. Arleigh.

  8. The Slide Show assignment for Arleigh.

  9. The Car Assignment and take/home quiz. Lisa.

  10. Drag and drop Holiday Quiz by Lisa.

  11. Slide Show by Lisa of her dog Hunter.

  12. Bouncing Ball by Lisa.

  13. Hot Dog Day Afternoon with Sudden Change is a great Flash Video project by Emily.

  14. Drag and drop Zombie Trivia movie quiz game by Emily.

  15. Bouncing Ball at various speeds and eases. Emily.

  16. Slide Show of Sudden Change musical group by Emily.

  17. Convertible car with nice hubcaps. Emily.

  18. Place these numbers in order by using drag and drop. Shannon.

  19. Here is Shannon's slideshow assignment.

  20. Here is the Spinning, Bouncing Ball with a small dot used to enable seeing the spinning. Shannon.

  21. Front wheels only, Back Wheels only: #1 Race Car with helmeted driver. Shannon.

  22. Betty's What is Your Order Drag and Drop application.

  23. Pokemon Slide Show by Betty.

  24. The Car take home quiz project. Betty.

  25. Here is a link to Calvin's slide show assignment.

  26. Drag the Musical Instruments into place. Get the Band their Gear game by Calvin.

  27. Car with spinning wheels that does wheelies too. Calvin.

  28. Another version of Assignment One. Be sure to try the Bottom button for spinning. Calvin's creative bouncing ball.

  29. It might be a rainy day, so drag your umbrella along and drop in to hear the guitarist play at the coffee shop. Jessie's drag and drop.

  30. Bouncing ball with GO, STOP, faster, slower, spin and ease buttons. Jessie.

  31. Jessie's Jalopy: Blue Streak race car with spinning wheels.

  32. Slideshow of Photographs by Jessie. Shoes, shadows and siblings...

  33. Slideshow of Flowers by Jessie.

  34. Bouncing Ball at various speeds and eases. Josh.

  35. The Talented Trampoline bouncing character. Courtney.