Wednesday, December 2nd Quiz Study Guide

Squash and Stretch, Animation Curves, Swaying Curtains, Pool Table

  1. ANIMATION CURVES - this is helpful to review as you work on your final Maya project too.
    1. - previous assignment material you will probably want to review.
    2. - AC and GE - Graph Editor and Animation Curves. Supplement to textbook. Squash and Stretch Cartoon Ball.
    3. Can you handle Tangent Handles in Maya? More on AC, GE, and what all the 3D buzz is about regarding them.

  2. Creating Curtains.

    The new material on SWAYING CURTAINS will be covered also.

    The material on curtains from Quiz #3 on creating and duplicating curtains will be part of what you should study too. You have handouts on Curtains from back then too.

  3. Pool Table - just the basics were covered in class.
  4. How to go from a Maya scene to render the animation as TARGA Frames to Adobe After Effects footage and from After Effects to render out a FLV (FLash Video) file. How to take that FLV and create a Flash application and then publish it creating an HTML and a SWF file so your original Maya scene can be shared on the internet.

    VIP: Maya to Flash through After Effects - Flash video version of your animation. Note: not on the quiz!

    Your goal should be to be confused about this material this week. Look it over on your own for at least half an hour at least two different times before Monday December 7th class gets here. This will NOT be on the quiz!

This above material is excellent review and preparation for the final exam and for ideas and techniques you may be incorporating into your open ended final project. As you saw from the Spring 2009 final projects, most projects included animated curtains that opened up and closed again. As you can also see, many students in spring 2009 failed to get the SWAYING of the curtains added.