Eyes - part one - Animating eye movements by Aim Contraint method
Textures for pupil, iris, and using Ramp Shader

  1. Notice the shadows. There are two lights used in this scene. One is a spot light and the other is a point light.
  2. The ball that the eye balls are following the movement of has a RAMP Texture shader applied to it, as do the eye balls. The RAMP Texture shader for the moving ball has GRADIENT between the colors set to LINEAR, whereas the eyeballs, as demonstrated in class, have the gradient set to NONE.
  3. Check back here later for further information and step by step instructions on rigging up up a character's eyes to aim where you want them to look.
  4. Today, Wednesday, April 15th Dallas, Texas day: Storyboarding was also covered in class. Please carefully read the Michael O'Rourke handout on doing storyboards too.
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