Squash and Stretch Cartoon Ball - April 18th, 2009
Animation Curves and Graph Editor

Keyframe Animation - Bouncing a Ball
See pages 314 to 321 if you bought the optional (Introducing Maya 2008) textbook

Pages 346-353 of required Introducing Maya 2009 textbook
October 9, 2009

There will be a 3 page handout (on two sheets of paper) to go with this on Monday. We meet in Lang 213 on Monday, April 20th.

There are 3 lights in this scene. The extra light (see the OOPS note in the Outliner window) was removed from this rendered animation.

  1. A pig, an elephant and a rabbit living on a planet made up entirely of rollercoasters.

  2. Bunny Animation Film by Michael Sormann that is the example film for two Maya books:

    1. Learning Autodesk Maya 2009: The Modeling & Animation Handbook
    2. Learning Autodesk Maya 2009: The Special Effects Handbook