Fall 2012 - Week 10 - Maya 3D Graphics - 10/22-10/26

  1. Storyboarding concepts and examples. Final projects from 2008 and 2009.

    STORYBOARD assignment IS DUE ON Wednesday, October 31st.

  2. Sculpting a NURBS Surface Maya Tutorial.

    SCULPTING A NURBS SURFACE Egghead or Spongebob is due by Wednesday, October 31st by 10 p.m. Send it as an attachment.

  3. Sculpting NURBS resource page from fall of 2009.

  4. Introduction to MEL: Maya Expressions Language. Using MEL code expressions for animation.

  5. Conditional Expressions using MEL: if (condition) action.
     if (time < 2) 
          Balloon.scaleY = time;
     if (time >= 2)
          Balloon.translateY = time;

  6. Lamps and lighting. Baseball bats, wine glassses, walls and floors. Revolve review. Michael O'Rourke Simple Lamp Model tutorial.