Making the NURBS surface of a Baseball Bat by revolving a Profile Curve created using the CV Curve Tool.

  1. Pages 129-130 - Boiler Front Cap and NURBS curve used to create a NURBS surface. Steam Locomotive.
  2. Pages 157-158 - Revolved Surface - Ways to Make NURBS section of Modeling with NURBS chapter of Dariush Derakhshani textbook.
  3. "A revolved surface is useful for creating objects such as bottles, furniture legs, and baseball bats - anything that is symmetrical around an axis." Page 158 of our D.D. textbook INTRODUCING MAYA 2008.

  1. The CV Curve that was created from the Create menu (FEM C DW), which is the 4th menu in the fixed menus for Maya, has been enhanced using Photoshop so it is easier to see the original curve.

  2. The CV Curve Tool requires that you press the Enter key after all of your Control Vertices (CV's) are placed.

  3. For this example, the Surfaces menu set Surface menu > Revolve command option button was clicked. The axis was set to the Z axis, since the CV curve was drawn along the Z-axis.